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TrueHoop has been a leading voice in NBA media since 2005. It has been a blog, a blog network, a podcast, a digital video series and more. TrueHoop has been mentioned or featured on SportsCenter, NPR, GQ, The New York Times, Charlie Rose (before that was gross), and a lot of other places. On tricky topics from doping to game-fixing, TrueHoop has distinguished itself with true stories you can’t get anywhere else.

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Doing things the right way means not taking shortcuts. And that means putting in the hours.

And then there are some realities of the media business. For instance, a thing a friend who works at Facebook said when he heard about this new media startup: “Don’t rely on advertising,” he said, “because we’re going to take it all.”

But there’s another reason, too: Media companies supported directly by their audiences get to be fearless. There is no backroom powerbroker who can make a threat that matters. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that The New York Times and Washington Post started cranking out one incredible investigative piece after another at the same time subscription revenue surpassed advertising dollars.

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