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In a recent Washington Post article, TrueHoop founder Henry Abbott illuminates the stark contrast between TrueHoop and mainstream NBA media like Woj and Shams:

The role of the media is to police the powerful. [Woj and Shams] have to kiss the a— of the powerful: “Please text me first when you’re making a trade.” You’re begging for scraps. They confine their insight into the league to these transactions, which are the cotton candy of news. [Readers] miss the doping and the money laundering and everything else that’s happening in the NBA.

TrueHoop has been a pioneering presence in NBA media since 2005. We tackle the trickiest topics head-on, giving our readers true stories they’ll find nowhere else. We don’t take money from sports-gambling companies, which makes us unlike ESPN, The New York Times, Meadowlark, and nearly every sports broadcast on the planet. 

(If FanDuel or DraftKings—both the lifeblood of sports-advertising dollars and the new face of an industry mired in money laundering—do bad things, do you think Shams is going to tell you about it?)

Media companies supported directly by their audiences get to be fearless. We’re not here for clickbait, rumors, or innuendo. We tell the truth—and we try to do it with a bit of style. Our content team of Henry, David, Jarod, and Travis are putting in long hours to deliver you handcrafted, hardboiled, and polished journalism, commentary, narrative, and analysis. 

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