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TrueHoop has been a leading voice in NBA media since 2005. It has been a blog, a blog network, a podcast, a digital video series, and more. It was part of ESPN for a decade. TrueHoop has been mentioned or featured on SportsCenter, NPR, GQ, The New York Times, PBS, and many others. On tricky topics from doping to game-fixing, TrueHoop has distinguished itself with true stories you can’t get anywhere else.


  • Basketball insight you can’t get anywhere when the wind blows just right.

  • A sampling of David Thorpe’s Coachspeak series.

  • The ability to listen to BRING IT IN, our twice-weekly podcast later on the day it was recorded.


  • Basketball insight you can’t get anywhere else a minimum of 40 times a year from David Thorpe, Henry Abbott, and other contributors. (Why 40? The goal is to publish when we have incredible content raring to go, instead of because it’s a certain day of the week.) Stuff like this or that. Explore

  • Invitations to live online tapings of BRING IT IN, our twice-weekly podcast which often features guests from the NBA, ranging from Brad Stevens to Shea Serrano.

  • All the content of Coachspeak, Coach David Thorpe’s journey into the geeky heart of basketball with a who’s who of basketball guests.

  • Predictions. We’re not a gambling tip sheet. But gamblers would be crazy to ignore David Thorpe’s track record. NBA GMs pay attention! David Thorpe predicted Giannis would be a max player after two games, and that the Lakers would be 2020 champions long before the Bubble. Expect more stories like one about why the Hawks will win a title in the next few years, and the pick Vegas is ignoring for this year’s MVP.

  • The NBA’s only consistent digging into the billionaires who run everything, with their ties to the mafia, Jeffrey Epstein, and … more wild stuff.

  • Chats, audio messaging, digital video … we promise to keep experimenting with new products and you’ll be the first to get them all.

  • The warm feeling of supporting an honest mission. Media companies supported directly by their audiences get to be fearless.