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TrueHoop has been a leading voice in NBA media since 2005. It has been a blog, a blog network, a podcast, a digital video series, and more. It was part of ESPN for a decade. TrueHoop has been mentioned or featured on SportsCenter, NPR, GQ, The New York Times, PBS, and many others. On tricky topics from doping to game-fixing, TrueHoop has distinguished itself with true stories you can’t get anywhere else.


  • Basketball insight you can’t get anywhere when the wind blows just right.

  • A sampling of David Thorpe’s Coachspeak series.

  • The ability to listen to BRING IT IN, our twice-weekly podcast later on the day it was recorded.


  • Basketball insight you can’t get anywhere else a minimum of 40 times a year from David Thorpe, Henry Abbott, and other contributors. (Why 40? The goal is to publish when we have incredible content raring to go, instead of because it’s a certain day of the week.) Stuff like this or that. Explore

  • Invitations to live online tapings of BRING IT IN, our twice-weekly podcast which often features guests from the NBA, ranging from Brad Stevens to Shea Serrano.

  • All the content of Coachspeak, Coach David Thorpe’s journey into the geeky heart of basketball with a who’s who of basketball guests.

  • Predictions. We’re not a gambling tip sheet. But gamblers would be crazy to ignore David Thorpe’s track record. NBA GMs pay attention! David Thorpe predicted Giannis would be a max player after two games, and that the Lakers would be 2020 champions long before the Bubble. Expect more stories like one about why the Hawks will win a title in the next few years, and the pick Vegas is ignoring for this year’s MVP.

  • The NBA’s only consistent digging into the billionaires who run everything, with their ties to the mafia, Jeffrey Epstein, and … more wild stuff.

  • Chats, audio messaging, digital video … we promise to keep experimenting with new products and you’ll be the first to get them all.

  • The warm feeling of supporting an honest mission. Media companies supported directly by their audiences get to be fearless.

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Henry Abbott 

CEO. At ESPN Henry expanded TrueHoop into a blog network, digital video series, and podcast. Headed ESPN's NBA team. Relaunched independent TrueHoop in 2019.

Jessica Abbott 

TrueHoop Editor. Former at Workman Publishing, The Lyons Press, and Artville. Cofounded Gekko Productions, a multimedia writing firm.

Jarod Hector 

Lover of NBA Hoops, period dramas, chocolate chip cookies, and good dogs!

Judy Goodwin 

COO. Corporate litigator specializing in reparations to terrorism victims. CEO of Growling Elephant, a digital media consulting company.


Analyst. Coach and mentor to basketball players, coaches, and governors. ESPN analyst for 10 years and the author of "Basketball is Jazz: Stories and Lessons From a Basketball Lifer."

Travis Moran

TrueHoop Editor. Former at Sports Publishing, developing books by Dennis Rodman, Jerry Reynolds, Slick Watts. Fiction writer. Dog lover. Actual globetrotter. @travmoran