BRING IT IN: Game 3 breakdown

The Bucks are alive


Today on BRING IT IN TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott and David Thorpe break down Giannis’ insane Finals so far. And:

  • Bucks are now +24 in the Finals when Giannis is on the court.

  • In his four Game 1s these playoffs, DeAndre Ayton is shooting 77 percent, scoring 83 points on 48 shots, with 54 rebounds.

  • Giannis checks himself out of the game early, with a high heart rate. No idea what his pre-game ritual is, but some common over-the-counter remedies have proved scary through the years.

  • Does marijuana help athletic performance? We don’t really know. One interesting way to start thinking about it is the research described in the incredible book Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan.