Feb 7, 2022 • 1HR 0M

BRING IT IN: Luxury tax is the story

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Judy Goodwin
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Today on BRING IT IN, TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott and David Thorpe discuss:

  • The Norman Powell trade shows the extraordinary value of ducking under the luxury tax line. There will be more deals like that.

  • In the premiership, only a handful of wealthy teams get to compete at the top. The NBA is very different, but might only have a few teams willing to cross the luxury tax line in the years to come, now that it’s so lucrative to be under the line.

  • David coined “The final jump” — the difference between being an All-Star and being the best player in a title-deciding playoff series.

  • A theory of Daryl Morey’s behavior.

  • Would someone really give James Harden a four-year max extension at age 33? David is doubtful. Henry says yes.

  • David loves the Cavaliers’ trade for Caris LeVert.

  • Does it look to you like the Blazers are building around Damian Lillard?

  • Would you take a billion from China?