Nov 29, 2021 • 1HR 0M

BRING IT IN: How are the Warriors so much better than last year?

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Judy Goodwin
Award-winning hard truths about the NBA since 2005.
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The idea was that the Warriors would be better this year because of the return of Klay Thompson. How are they freaking incredible before he’s even back? They have the league’s best defense, but their offense has improved even more, from the 20th best in the league to the second-best, with a lot of the same personnel. David Thorpe examines the video to explain what’s working so well.


  • The NBA system chews up players, with 79 players on the injured list right now. Why is this such a dangerous profession?

  • One of the NBA’s highest paid players—John Wall—has been sitting out the Rockets’ season while they play younger players. Now he’d like to play, and (evidently worried about lottery positioning) the team isn’t sure they want him. What can we do to make sure this kind of weird stuff doesn’t happen again?

  • The Ghislaine Maxwell trial—with its various NBA connections—begins in New York.