Jul 7, 2022 • 1HR 17M

Dr. Steve Ilardi on the creation of Bonus Wins

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TrueHoop’s Jarod Hector and David Thorpe are joined by Dr. Steve Ilardi. Building on the work of Dunks and Threes’ Taylor Snarr (and in partnership with TrueHoop) Ilardi created the new Bonus Wins stat. They discuss:

  • Chet Holmgren’s Summer League start

  • The origin of Bonus Wins

  • The biggest takeaway from the data around Bonus Wins?

  • The Utah Jazz traded Rudy Gobert for a TON OF DRAFT CAPITAL and players. David says the Wolves have a chance to ascend to contention, but what does Ilardi say?

  • What does that all mean for a potential Kevin Durant trade? How’s the market for older superstars with huge salaries?