Jun 25, 2022 • 1HR 12M

The 2022 NBA draft

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TrueHoop's NBA podcast, typically Mondays and Fridays, sometimes more. Henry Abbott, David Thorpe, Jarod Hector, and more.
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[This podcast was dead and buried! Kaput! Lost to technical issues! But then … the hero Jarod Hector put in all kinds of extra time, did something magical stripping audio from the backup video file and well … here it is! Thank you Jarod.]

TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott, Jarod Hector, and David Thorpe breakdown the NBA Draft.

  • David has a nickname for this draft and it involves a Pelicans player…

  • Henry was live at Barclays Center and had a very different experience than those who watched at home.

  • The Detroit Pistons were seen as the draft “winner”

  • Jarod believes the Magic had the best approach to choosing the #1 overall pick in Paolo Banchero