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Lessons of the first round

PODCAST: The injury that could decide a championship.

The TrueHoop podcast is on Spotify, Apple, and right here.

On today's show Jarod Hector and David Thorpe discuss:

  • The Celtics’ dismantling of the Heat. Can anyone stop this juggernaut on their way to the finals?

  • How concerning is the Kristaps Porziņģis injury?

  • The Mavericks are in the driver's seat, can the Clippers come back down 3-2?

  • The Knicks lose a heartbreaker in Game 5 to the 76ers. Tyrese Maxey was incredible, can he extend that series, or will the Knicks close it out in Philly?

  • David was concerned about the Pacers heading into Game 5 and they got blown out. The Bucks are confident and their stars might be returning soon. Is this series going to Game 7?

  • Jarod wonders if the Thunder are young and "dumb" enough to get to the conference finals?

  • Nuggets finish off the Lakers and play the Wolves in the next round. Can the Wolves pull the upset?

  • Top 5 playoff teams, and David’s current favorites to win the 2024 NBA championship.