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Who’s the next Mark Daigneault?

PODCAST: And what's wrong with the Bucks?

The TrueHoop podcast is on Spotify, Apple, and right here.

On today’s episode, David Thorpe and Jarod Hector discuss:

  • Four or five games left, and nobody knows who’ll they be playing in the playoffs.

  • Why next season’s In Season Tournament will matter more than this year’s.

  • Ask Coach Thorpe: Who’s the next Mark Daigneault?

  • Can the Mavericks win the West?

  • What’s wrong with the Bucks?

  • Will the Magic overtake them?

  • The Celtics players did something off court that David loved.

  • Would you rather have Dawn Staley or Caitlin Clark?

Thank you for listening to TrueHoop!

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