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What we learned from Game 1

PODCAST: Joel Embiid does not look healthy

The TrueHoop podcast is on Spotify, Apple, and right here.

On today's show Jarod Hector and David Thorpe discuss:

  • Will the Celtics sweep Miami?

  • The Pacers played terribly and Damian Lillard was on fire in the first half for the Bucks. But the second half made David’s Pacers pick look a little better.

  • Who will step up to help Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving?

  • The Thunder beat the Pelicans in a thriller, but David saw a lot of messy stuff from both teams.

  • The Magic are down but not out … and have a missing piece on offense.

  • To David, the way Joel Embiid looked—he didn’t move normally at all—it would have been such a good choice to sit him for Game 1. Now with Embiid hobbling and Tyrese Maxey questionable for Game 2, are the Sixers doomed against the Knicks?

  • Can the Lakers win a game against the Nuggets?

  • Anthony Edwards dominated Game 1 vs. the Suns, is it his time?

  • What many people get wrong about Rudy Gobert.

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