TrueHoop TV Live: March 18, 2020

TrueHoop TV Live: March 18, 2020

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Today Henry Abbott and David Thorpe spoke with Ben Weber. He’s an actor best known for his roles in Sex and the City, Everwood, and Coach Carter. He also happens to have been Henry’s NYU college roommate.

The theme: basketball as relief from anxiety. Ben, as it happens, is working on a live performance on this theme. He grew up with a difficult mom—the dunk hoop up the street was the solution. He’d imagine he was playing with charters from fiction, the SuperSonics, or celebrities. (When I first heard the term “fantasy basketball,” he says, he thought this was what they were talking about.)

Basketball as stress relief is a pattern he carried with him to Tompkins Square Park in the 90s, to his work habits today—and now he sees his son doing the same thing in the alley outside their L.A. garage.

Also, from NBA players battling as themselves on NBA 2K, to an all-quarantine L.A. Finals, we have some ideas about some products the NBA could really offer, in lieu of full games, in a pandemic.

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