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The incredible Heat

PODCAST: Game 2s, all over the playoffs

The TrueHoop podcast is on Spotify, Apple, and right here.

On today's show Jarod Hector and David Thorpe discuss:

  • Erik Spoelstra rallying his Miami Heat to win in Boston. What was the game plan?

  • The Nuggets won a thrilling Game 2 on a Jamal Murray buzzer beater, are the Lakers done? David thinks LeBron and AD believe so.

  • The young Thunder have been impressive through two games, how will they do on the road?

  • Knicks are up 2-0 after a "controversial" win at home. What's on tap for game 3, and is Joel Embiid becoming a liability?

  • The Pacers and Clippers win road games to even their series

  • The Suns might get swept by the Timberwolves

  • Top 5 NBA teams in the playoffs