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The 2-for-1 at the end of quarters

PODCAST: Lakers, 76ers and more playoff thoughts and predictions

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On today's show Jarod Hector and David Thorpe discuss:

  • The 2-for-1 at the end of quarters in basketball. Is it always the right thing to do?

  • The Lakers beat the Pelicans and will face the defending champion Nuggets in round one. Has anything changed for the Lakers that would suggest they could win the series?

  • The 76ers beat the Heat and will play the Knicks in round one. Should the Knicks be worried? How does Joel Embiid look?

  • The Kings, Pelicans, Bulls and Heat will play for the final two playoff spots

  • Is the Warriors dynasty finally over?

  • On Monday's show Jarod and Henry Abbott made David pick playoff winners before he did his homework. Now that he's done studying, has he changed his mind?

Thank you for listening!

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