Apr 22, 2022 • 1HR 0M

Injuries will decide the NBA title

Depth and player development are at a premium

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Judy Goodwin
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Today, TrueHoop’s Jarod Hector and David Thorpe discuss round one of the playoffs, including:

  • David Thorpe goes 30 seconds on each series.

  • What Jarod and David like and dislike so far about the playoffs.

  • Game 3 between the Memphis Grizzlies and Minnesota Timberwolves was wild! Blowing two 20+ point leads? Thorpe sees something the Wolves aren’t doing…

  • Jarod’s favorite player to watch so far has been Jordan Poole. He was drafted 28th so virtually every team could have had him.

  • David’s favorite thing is the lesson Stephen Curry is teaching the world in humility by coming off the bench.

  • Injuries have altered the prospects for last year’s NBA finalists the Bucks and Suns. How likely is it they both advance now?

  • David is paying attention to big men in the postseason. Seems like two extremes, feast or famine.

  • Who is the playoff MVP so far?