Apr 29, 2022 • 1HR 0M

In the NBA playoffs all you need is love?

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TrueHoop's NBA podcast, typically Mondays and Fridays, sometimes more. Henry Abbott, David Thorpe, Jarod Hector, and more.
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Today, TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott and David Thorpe indoctrinate Jarod Hector into the playoffs church of love:

  • All you tinfoil hats that think the NBA is rigged, Henry knows you’re wrong this time.

  • Pelicans vs. Suns was hard fought and super intense, but there was so much love in the arena afterwards, is this a healthier way to compete?

  • After that amazing Pelicans run David is ready to trade Zion Williamson. (UPDATE: After we recorded, evidence that the Pelicans and Zion worked out something.)

  • Many young and unheralded players are shining in the playoffs as they do every year, but why do so many teams struggle with this fact?

  • It’s all over in Utah and David has insight on how the best team in the world messed up their internal chemistry.