Exactly how the Celtics won

Exactly how the Celtics won

The better part of an hour dissecting thirty seconds

Today, TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott and David Thorpe discuss every game of the NBA playoffs so far, but with a special emphasis on this incredible game-winning play:

  • Kevin Durant ambles after passing to Kyrie Irving, which tells Thorpe something about the Nets’ strategy. Bruce Brown sets up on the left block, instead of in the left corner, which tells him something else. Step by step, second by second, there is so much to see here. Thorpe jokes he could write a whole book about the end of this play.

  • The Nets had a burst of success early in the fourth quarter with Durant on the bench. Henry wonders if the Nets can get grandpa KD some more rest, so he’s fresher late in games?

  • How good was Jayson Tatum’s defense on KD?

  • In KD, Thorpe sees a player who doesn’t want to get to the rim. Should he be trying?

  • Kyrie Irving and the Boston fans have an antagonistic relationship. Why have we made sports the environment where we allow this? Henry’s idea: record the full interaction—fan vs. player over the game—and we’d probably stop wondering why Kyrie’s mad.

  • The Jazz are the heavy favorites as long as Luka is missing games, but Thorpe explains that, because of the peculiar makeup of that team, it could change in a hurry. They could certainly blow a 2-0 lead.

  • The Warriors are so lucky to have Jordan Poole! OR … every team could have had Jordan Poole!


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