Draymond ejected again, referees aren't perfect

PODCAST: Who's scared of 2024 Kevin Durant?

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  • With ten games left, the playoff picture is the Celtics, and then a giant mess of everybody else.

  • As an NBA player is being investigated for potential ties to gambling, David notes that this is why agents babysit their players—to prevent bad people hanging around them. “This won’t be the last time we talk about this,” says David.

  • How are players feeling about referees? Kelly Oubre Jr. pointed fingers, called names. “I like a more physical game,” says David, “but we should protect our shooters.”

  • Draymond Green was ejected again. “This is an indictment, to me, of Steph Curry as a leader,” says Jarod. David is not so sure.

  • “I think Shai is without question the MVP,” says David Thorpe.

  • Josh Giddey is scoring, which matters, because he’ll never draw the opposing teams’ best defenders.

  • The Rockets beat the Thunder, and are just behind the Warriors. Do the Thunder need another center?

  • What is working in Houston? “Their team is no joke,” says David.

  • To David, Kevin Durant isn’t nearly as scary a playoff opponent as he used to be. But if the Suns win a playoff series, and seem to be rolling, they could get a lot more intimidating. There’s an argument that it could be better to face them early.

  • “The Clippers really struggle to play with joy,” says David, and their coach just called them “soft.”

  • The G-League Ignite is no more. “You could argue it has been shuttered for a while,” says David.

  • How to shoot free throws: “Just be balanced. Don’t fall forward. Don’t fall backward.”

  • “The ball lies all the time. Film doesn’t lie.”

  • Top five NBA teams, “I went crazy on my top five this week,” says Jarod.

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