Mar 11, 2022 • 59M

BRING IT IN: Let's not overreact...

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Judy Goodwin
Award-winning hard truths about the NBA since 2005.
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TrueHoop’s David Thorpe and Jarod Hector discuss:

  • Nets vs. 76ers. The beatdown by the Nets, David says, had little to do with Ben Simmons and everything to do with James Harden.

  • Warriors vs. Nuggets. Good win by Golden State but Jarod says let’s not overreact.

  • Nikola Jokic is the “right kind of superstar” according to some. Why we need to be careful with that label.

  • Young point guards in the NBA. Jarod asks Coach Thorpe what would happen if we swapped Ja Morant for Shai Gilgeous-Alexander? Thorpe’s answer might surprise you…

  • A little love for Coach Pop and the Phoenix Suns.

  • TrueHoop’s updated title bus.