Breaking down Suns vs. Bucks Game 4

Breaking down Suns vs. Bucks Game 4

The Bucks tie it up. David and Jarod discuss post-game on Clubhouse.

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By the end of the game, Giannis was soaring like an eagle to block a mega high-altitude alley-oop from one of the tallest players in the league. The Bucks are back, tied 2-2 in a series that seemed hopeless just a few days ago.

But, the Bucks still have concerns. Early in Game 4, David Thorpe started texting. “Something is wrong with Giannis. Really wrong. He’s barely moving.” It didn’t last all game, but it lasted long enough to cause a little concern. He needs to be healthy, or beyond healthy, if the Bucks are going to win in Phoenix. Also:

  • Jrue Holiday made four of 20 shots and seems to have lost the ability to shoot.

  • On a team where 3-pointers are like oxygen for Giannis rim attacks, the Bucks managed to make just 24 percent.

  • The team was minus-13 with Brook Lopez in the game.

  • P.J. Tucker fouls and little else.

  • The Bucks discovered an effective offensive approach in Game 3, and didn’t use it most of the night.

  • No, they don’t know how to stop Devin Booker.

In this show, David and Jarod discuss this and a lot more, including some players who David feels shouldn’t be on the court.

Serious concerns about referees. What is the deal with this?

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