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With the level of talent in the league, I get giddy when I think about it in 3 years. As you both said, these guys are so incredibly mature and dedicated that it’s crazy to think about where they could be.

Hearing you talk about rest and a shorter schedule made me think how great it would be if the old heads had played 50, or whatever, games a season. Guys like curry and Durant being closer to their peak for who knows how many additional years? With the younger guys continuing to blossom? It’s a basketball fans’ dream.

It really highlights the short-sightedness of the nba’s current schedule. You guys have been hitting on this repeatedly and may have said this is, but a shorter schedule could enable expansion . Extending players’ longevity grows the talent pool. Another perk is having the stars balling at a high level for longer is so damn compelling and therefore good for business. Think of all the arcs in lebron or Chris Paul’s career. Those types of careers (okay maybe not lebron’s) could become more normal.

Appreciate all you guys 🙏🙏

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