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Can’t imagine you guys are surprised the Rockets are the first team to have a game postponed?! Will teams be penalized if they begin to have too many games rescheduled? Will opponents be rewarded?

With a good scan of bottom and mid tier team rosters I bet we can place odds on a veteran or fringe player being waived from a team who’s out of contention to fill the LAL roster. Whiteside comes to mind, maybe Nerlens Noel (happy holidays TrueHoop fam!)? Btw David, the LAL ring ceremony also had me tearing up. Agreed it was super cool to see their families - it animated the players in a way that most fans never see. I wonder how “the internet” has reacted to it.. I know they thought LeBron’s kids were laconic - I thought they were just a young kid and an early teen emulating a full fledged teenage big bro :)

Anyway, great stuff as always! I find myself listening in snippets when I have windows during the day or in the evening. Re: media, having Dan Le Batard as a guest in the spring for a media discussion could be fascinating. Just a thought.

Hoping Bol Bol gets some minutes tonight, happy holidays everyone! :)

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