Guys, I rarely criticize your takes. But wait a freaking second on james harden. No, no he is not a genius orchestrator of the court. He never was, really, but he most certainly is not now. My momma can play next to a healthy Kawhi Leonard and help win games. If Kawhi plays all year healthy, he is the MVP-. as you noted, his numbers are sick. (kawhi, jokic, luka). But harden at some point will start to wear down. Meaning effectively slow down even further. If Kawhi gets hurt, and only PG is out there with harden, lets see how the team looks. So enough of this love fest for the reigning malcontent in the NBA history -- a post season choke genius (that he is genius level) and note also his defense is appalling. (again helps having kawhi out thgere). And..... I hope Im wrong, but i d be surprised if KL doesnt get hurt. I fear he be at that point in his career. Clips are not going to win anything, but thats just MHO

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