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It's fascinating to learn how Player Development in the NBA is not as refined and polished as a layman like me thinks it would be. In my world and industry (business world; IT specifically), employee development is critical and nearly every company is awful at it. It almost always comes down to the individual and who they associate themselves with. Rarely if ever is a company equipped with a plan for new hires to get more knowledge and develop more skill. When it happens, it's almost despite the company (or the company notwithstanding).

Given the money involved, and the fact that very little separates the 30 teams these days, I am shocked that the NBA sounds like it's at the same level as my industry. It's a fascinating insight, for sure.

Do you think player development is becoming - or soon will become - a recognized market inefficiency by more teams?

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Joker channeling coach in this great (for Nuggies fans starved for media to consume! 💀🏀✨) New Yorker piece on him being da besttt: “Jokić said that they could play smarter, and made a self-deprecating reference to a “behind-the-back pass to nobody” that he’d thrown. In truth, up close, even his turnovers often look purposeful. “If I see something, even if it’s risky, I am going to try it,” he once said. “Because maybe that mistake is going to open up something else—or, next time, it is going to be there. Just to give it a chance.”


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Im going to stick with harden as a good deal less than a home run until he shows up....even a little....post season. Guys that never win, add buddy hield. And man his D is bad. Hayward if he can stay on the court is good, still, but he is never on the court. But great topic guys on building a winner. Its development. Develop all stars, dont buy them. Celtics, Spurs of yore, or Miami (mostly). It seems to me most GMs are awful. And its interesting to hear your thoughts on coaching. And cam thomas. He is just as bad on offense.

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