Just read this story about DeMar. Some of the sappy stuff coach likes, that Jarrod's... incredulous of:

When he was 10 years old, DeRozan remembers playing 1-on-1 with Frank. On one particular play, Frank went in too hard and accidentally busted his son's lip. Tasting his own blood instantly threw the younger DeRozan off his game.

Sensing this, and a lesson to impart on his young son, Frank did not relent. Instead, he made it even tougher on DeRozan to score. He blocked his shot. He bullied him in the paint. Frank, a former football player, was a burly man, and no matter how hard DeRozan tried to inch closer to the basket, it was hopeless. Eventually DeRozan had enough.

"I kicked the ball over the fence and said, 'Man, I don't want to play no more,'" DeRozan says. "I got in the car and cried all the way till we got home, so I could tell my momma.

"There's a whole psychological approach that he was trying to show me. Keep your calm, keep your cool, this happens in sports. I always remember that basketball moment so clearly because it makes perfect sense to the game to this day. I think a lot of my calmness comes from moments I shared with him on the court."

Before the season, DeRozan inked a tattoo on his left shoulder of one of his favorite portraits of his father.

"He had to heal himself," Farr says. "A lot of that stuff he holds within. I think now, he's opening up more and that's just part of the healing process. I'm just glad Chicago softened the weight on him and gave him the opportunity.

"He got the hug he needed when he got there."

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