BRING IT IN: The list of tweets

Today on BRING IT IN, Henry Abbott, David Thorpe, and Judy Goodwin shared their favorite social media posts. You can watch and listen here.

Here’s a list of those posts in case you are listening on the pod and want to follow along.

Judy’s favorite social media posts:

The tiktok video from Dr. Karanr.

Kpop stans flood #whitelivesmatter with kpop videos and memes:

Darth Vader was a Jedi:

I yield my time. Fuck you:

Strongly dislike:

David’s favorite tweets:

Post grad:  

LeBron and the vote:

Time for white people to speak up:

Patrick Mahomes:

Cops cancelled:

Henry’s favorite tweets:

I can’t breathe:

Stephen Jackson:

Jarod shrug:

Why did it take so long?:

Make racists afraid again:

Three generations:

Volume up:

LeBron is happy:

Dragging a hoop around:


Leia on mute:

The Onion:

Summer Brennan:

The distance of a bear:


Check out Dave’s stick:

Seerat on Phil Jackson:

Feeling short:

Jaylen Brown workouts:

Adena teaches swimming:

David: Drones as missiles

Henry: Snoop listening to FROZEN

Henry: Jane McManus


David: Trump is who we knew

David: Rex Chapman

Judy: Miami bike cops