The NBA can make seismic change

Adam Silver says “we may be the most uniquely qualified organization in the world to affect change.”


The Confederate emblem was on the state flag of Mississippi for 126 years. It took football about three days to remove it. ESPN News services:

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey threatened on June 18 to not host any future conference championship events in Mississippi until the state changed its flag. The SEC last ran a championship event in Mississippi in May 2016.

A day after the SEC's warning, the NCAA expanded its Confederate flag policy to prohibit all of its championship events from being held in states where the flag is flown.

A broad coalition of legislators on Sunday passed the landmark legislation to change the 126-year-old Mississippi state flag, capping a weekend of emotional debate and decades of effort by Black lawmakers and others who see the rebel emblem as a symbol of hatred.

It gets you wondering: What can the NBA get done? Big meaningful changes are coming to America and the world. We know there are all kinds of conversations going on involving players, the uni…

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