Five keys to keep Harden from destroying opponents


James Harden is scoring so much people are talking about Wilt Chamberlain, who once scored 100 points in a game. He has become the riddle no NBA defense can solve. 

It’s understandable, in that he can shoot from all over, has a collection of lethal moves, and is working with a roster designed to give him space to operate.

He’s going to score a lot of buckets no matter what.

But there’s serious room for improvement in reducing his total points. The key is a defensive strategy designed to limit is free throws.

The Rockets have won 11 of their first 15 games largely because of free throws. Until teams fix this problem, not much will change. So the mission for Rockets opponents is simple: STOP FOULING JAMES HARDEN!! 

But how?  

Harden is a master of drawing foul calls on drives, shots, even loose balls. Synergy Sports data reports that Harden gets fouled on 18.0 percent of his possessions—nearly one in five times he passes or shoots, he draws a foul. Because of that, the Rockets …

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