Sneak peek: TrueHoop podcast pilot


We’d like you to be first to hear the pilot of the TrueHoop podcast. It’s the tale of an NBA point guard using a fake penis—called a “whizzinator”—in an attempt to defeat an NBA drug test. Listen by clicking the arrow above, or follow the prompts to import into your preferred podcast player.


  • This will only become reality if we find great partners to help make and distribute a weekly podcast like this. We have had some incredible early feedback and believe the audience and sponsorship potential to be excellent. Please forward responsibly. Anyone who would like to discuss, please email

  • We are also interested to hear from anyone who’d like to work on the TrueHoop podcast—including a co-host. Please email

When I graduated from NYU people asked what I wanted to do. Honest answer: I wanted to make radio documentaries. Honest response: that didn’t exist. (It would be a while before the revolutionary This American Life.) So I got a job at CBS News and eventually became a magazine writer. That led to TrueHoop, blogging, editing, and heading NBA digital media at ESPN. The first person I hired at ESPN was Kevin Arnovitz. He came straight from NPR with the same dream. We thought we might launch this podcast a decade ago at ESPN.

Now the dream is close. Here at TrueHoop, we have spent a ton of time, flown around the country, interviewed dozens of people, honed and refined the vision, tried a lot of things and … made some experimental episodes like the one above. Thank you in advance for listening.

Henry Abbott