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We're getting into the NBA's Overstory


You don’t need me to tell you shit’s pretty real these days. In a family where we almost all got COVID and my dad died, these are times of real, not perceived, threats. Bare grocery shelves! Insurrection! More deaths than any American war! It’s overwhelming. 

To a lot of people, sports are a refuge from … all that. I feel that way about running, or high-schoolers. I wish I could still feel that way about the NBA. 

But for today, the NBA feels like one of those rich-people parties in the Hunger Games. You have to ignore so much to just enjoy the game. 

NBA billionaires have credible ties to an incredible array of the world’s current calamities, from the sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, to the burning Amazon and January 6. And here at TrueHoop we have a mission to be expert in telling the truth about the NBA. We’ve published a ton and it’s less than half of what we know … so much more in th…

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