Kevin Durant and the fault in our stars

The Nets have a challenge ahead in making their new star happy.


“Over time, nobody could give a full acceptance of me there.” That’s how ESPN’s Rachel Nichols phrased Kevin Durant’s thoughts, based on his interview with The Wall Street Journal earlier this month. When she said this to Stephen Curry in their one-on-one interview, Curry’s response was to very carefully, very politely, call bullshit. He mentioned how many “narratives” are involved in a season, “especially when you are at the top.” Then he added, “whatever he needed to do to make that decision [to leave the Warriors and sign with the Nets] and however he wants to explain that…”  

BOOM. That’s about as controversial as Curry gets. 

Acceptance? Replay the highlights. Check the stats. Durant joined a monster team that had just had the best regular season in history. Draymond Green recruited him to sign with the Warriors via a cell phone call from the Oracle Arena parking lot, minutes after losing at home in Game 7 of the 2016 Finals. That new team proceeded to destroy the le…

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