How to salvage James Wiseman’s season

Three simple steps for an overwhelmed big man


ESPN recently ranked the 25 best players under 25. The Warriors’ 19-year-old big man James Wiseman didn’t make the list.

I would have put him on there—he’s a player of immense potential—but it’s telling that he didn’t make it. His rookie year has been a giant disappointment. And despite an excellent half the other night, all in all Wiseman’s playing badly. His offense is as bad as it gets, his defense nothing to write home about. The Warriors had big aspirations, now they’re bad enough that Stephen Curry—Stephen Curry—is airing grievances and popping up in rumors about joining other teams. 

For Wiseman, this is rock bottom.

I’ve been watching closely and think the season’s remaining few weeks offer a chance to build some new good habits and build confidence. Let’s find the path up. 

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