After watching every second of NBA so far

I have learned these 27 things


EDITOR’S NOTE: David wrote about almost every game and almost every team that has been played, but not the Knicks. “Too boring,” he said.

1. NOT LIKE LEBRON: LeBron could pose for a photo right now and look lean and strong. But that’s not how he moved. For much of the game, he just didn’t have the jets to attack like his younger self, for instance he often declined opportunities to race or jump. Yes, it could be early season rust, or just one game. But I’ll be watching to assess if he is starting to look his age, which would be terrible news for the Lakers.

2. SET ANTHONY DAVIS FREE: Anthony Davis is the best rim runner in the league. I expected the Lakers to exploit that by getting him out in the open court as often as possible. That did not happen on Tuesday. Maybe Rajon Rondo will fix that. In the meantime, the Lakers mostly looked for Davis in the post. 

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